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Shirley Galligan illustrated by Zoe Barnish

published Shepheard-Walwyn 

Munu is a very rare black rhino who was tragically blinded in the wild. He was rescued and is now cared for by the White Lion Foundation. This book tells the story of Munu's journey through adversity and the friends who protected him along the way. Proceeds from the sale are going to the charity to help their continued care of Munu and others like him. This book is a nominee for the People's Book Prize 2021 

MUNU Arrives
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MUNU Fireflies
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World in Danger Book

World in Danger

Frankie Morland illustrated by Zoe Barnish

published DK Books Penguin Random House

Featured on:

This Morning with Holly and Phil (ITV)

ITV National News

BBC News

Sky News


To watch Zoe's animated music video for World in Danger click here   

World in Danger - Rainforest
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World in Danger - Polar Bear
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World in Danger - Flower field
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Dorset Folk Tales for Children

Tim Laycock illustrated by Zoe Barnish

published History Press

A beautiful collection of folk tales, all linked to the county of Dorset, UK. 

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ZB 4
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ZB 2
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BBC Wordwaves


Zoe was commissioned to created 7 childrens books in conjunction with the BBC series Wordwaves.


'The Moon' by Robert Louis Stevenson


'The Microscope' by Maxine Kumin


'Colour' by Christina Rossetti


'Fireworks aff the Castle' by

Matthew Fitt


'My Mum's Sari' by Bashabi Fraser 


'Trees' by Harry Behn

'My Doggie' by J.K. Annand

All these titles are available in libraries and primary schools across Scotland with 4 of the stories also being translated into Gaelic. 

To view the BBC Wordwaves series illustrated by Zoe click here

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Rough to Fine-05
MUNU Fireflies
MUNU Arrives
Moonlite Crab
World in Danger Sunset
World in Danger - Polar Bear
World in Danger - Rainforest
World in Danger - Under the sea
World in Danger - Flower field
Jungle Chaos
Potato sack
Roosting Bird smaller
Comfy Fox smaller
Trip to the moon
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